Vintage Harley Davidson Wholesale

Ideal for retail store owners from brick-and-mortar boutiques to online ecommerce businesses and independent sellers on platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Depop who purchase vintage clothing in bulk to resell.

Our collection of authentic vintage Harley Davidson is available wholesale in bundles and bales, ready to ship for immediate resale.

The available vintage Harley Davidson items at Vintage Wholesale Supply include:
•    Jackets: Various styles including classic biker jackets.
•    Jeans: Durable denim options.
•    Mix Bundles: Assorted Harley Davidson apparel.
•    Sweatshirts: Warm and stylish options.
•    T-Shirts: Iconic graphic tees.
•    Women's Mix: Includes a variety of women's Harley Davidson clothing.
•    Women's Shirts and T-Shirts: Casual and stylish options for women. 

Harley-Davidson was founded in 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Initially, they created motorized bicycles, quickly transitioning to motorcycles with the introduction of their first production model. Over the years, Harley-Davidson became a prominent name in the motorcycle industry, known for their powerful and reliable bikes. Notable models like the 1909 Model 5-D Twin and the 1936 EL Knucklehead showcased the company's innovative engineering. The brand's association with law enforcement and military during both World Wars further solidified its reputation for durability and performance.

Harley-Davidson has significantly influenced fashion, particularly through its iconic biker style. Leather jackets, introduced by the brand in 1928, became a staple of motorcycle culture, offering both protection and style. This rugged look was adopted by various subcultures, including rockers and Hollywood rebels, and was popularized in films and music, symbolizing freedom and rebellion.

In recent years, Harley-Davidson has made a deliberate entry into the high-fashion world. Under the direction of Louise Goldin, the brand has launched collections that blend traditional biker aesthetics with contemporary fashion. These collections feature graphic tees, sleek designs, and high-end leather jackets, appealing to a younger, trendier market while retaining the brand's core identity.

Harley-Davidson's merchandise, which includes apparel and accessories, extends the brand's influence beyond motorcycles, making it a lifestyle choice for many. The company's commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to changing trends have kept it relevant in both the automotive and fashion industries.