Sbírka: CHAPS

Vintage Chaps Wholesale

Ideal for retail store owners from brick-and-mortar boutiques to online ecommerce businesses and independent sellers on platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Depop who purchase vintage clothing in bulk to resell.

Our collection of authentic Chaps are available wholesale in bundles and bales, ready to ship for immediate resale.

The available vintage Chaps items at Vintage Wholesale Supply include: 
•    Knitwear: Various styles of knitwear, including 1/4 zip sweaters.
•    Shirts: A selection of classic shirts.
•    Mixed Bundles: Bundles that include a variety of Chaps and Nautica knitwear 

Chaps, launched in 1978 as a subsidiary of Ralph Lauren Corporation, began as a traditional men's clothing line. The brand quickly grew, expanding its offerings to include womenswear, shoes, home goods, and accessories. Designed to embody the American dream in a spirited style, Chaps has remained true to its origins, offering affordable, stylish, and versatile apparel for a broad audience.

Chaps has significantly impacted the fashion world by making the sophisticated, preppy aesthetic of Ralph Lauren accessible to a wider market. Known for its quality and timeless designs, Chaps appeals to those seeking classic American style without the high price tag associated with luxury brands. The brand’s extensive distribution through major retailers like Kohl's, Amazon, and Belk has made it a household name in accessible fashion.

Chaps' integration into everyday fashion has solidified its place as a reliable go-to for versatile, stylish clothing that suits a variety of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events. This broad appeal, combined with its connection to the esteemed Ralph Lauren brand, has ensured Chaps remains relevant and popular in the ever-evolving fashion industry